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Etios, swift, and 4 seater car only/

#From CityTo City DistancePrice per/kmsedan/ 4 seater
1Kapurthala CityAmbala40010.414,165.40 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityAmritsar14816.842,492.46 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityBarnala28411.053,139.20 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityBathinda32213.22 4,257.44 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityBeas6426.121,671.68 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityChandigardh38010.71 4,071.00 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityDoraha21812.78 2,786.40 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityFirozpur21013.662,868.00 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityGurdaspur23213.493,129.60 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityHoshiarpur14017.52 2,452.20 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityJalandhar city7024.321,702.40 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityJalandhar cannt9019.111,720.20 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityKurukushtar50010.15 5,074.00 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityLudhiana city18014.712,647.40 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityMoga18014.71 2,647.40 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityMuktsar sahib30611.39 3,484.80 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityNavashar18014.71 2,647.40 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityPathankot29011.75 3,408.00 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityPatiala36410.98 3,995.48 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityPhagwara10816.74 1,808.04 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityRajpura36410.98 3,995.48 Rs.
1Kapurthala CitySangrarur37810.74 4,061.56 Rs.
1Kapurthala CitySirhind30011.52 3,456.00 Rs.
1Kapurthala CitySultanpur4027.521,100.80 rs.
1Kapurthala CityTalwandi sabbo38010.71 4,071.00 Rs.
1Kapurthala CityTanda urmur12219.39    2,365.58  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityZira13418.10    2,425.36  Rs.
please call before book out of state package

#From CityTo City DistancePrice per/kmsedan/ 4 seater
1Kapurthala CityDalhojie42615.72    6,697.10  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityDehradoon70014.05    9,833.20  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityDharmshala36416.38    5,962.06  Rs.
1Kapurthala City Hariduar 74010.03    7,419.80  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityJawala ji30013.33    4,000.20  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityKangrda34016.40    5,574.36  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityMandi49016.06    7,871.44  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityMata Chintpurni24015.51    3,722.40  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityPontasahib59414.89    8,846.46  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityUna24015.51    3,722.40  Rs.
Airport Package
Airport Package

#From CityTo City DistancePrice per/kmsedan/ 4 seater
1Kapurthala CityChandigardh Airport38012.27    4,661.00  Rs.
1Kapurthala CityNEW DELHI AIRPORT8808.70    7,659.00  Rs.

innova and other 7 seater

#From CityTo City DistancePrice per/kmsedan/ 4 seater
1Kapurthala CityAmbala400 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityAmritsar148 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityBarnala284 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityBathinda322 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityBeas64 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityChandigardh380 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityDoraha218 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityFirozpur210 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityGurdaspur232 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityHoshiarpur140 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityJalandhar city70 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityJalandhar cannt90 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityKurukushtar500 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityLudhiana city180 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityMoga180 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityMuktsar sahib306 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityNavashar180 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityPathankot290 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityPatiala364 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityPhagwara108 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityRajpura364 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CitySangrarur378 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CitySirhind300 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CitySultanpur40 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityTalwandi sabbo380 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityTanda urmur122 ON CALL
1Kapurthala CityZira134 ON CALL
NOTE:- After 24 hours we will charge 800 INR per day + given rupees per/ km.one hour airport parking free with airport transfer.

NOTE:- please read term and conditions carefully

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